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Choosing the Right Storage Size for You

11 January 2018

We know that managed storage can be a confusing thing, especially the first time around. You probably have a set number of items you’d like to store but you have no idea what size unit you should ask for.

To help with this problem, we’ve come up with a guide that should point you in the right direction.

You should note that size isn’t the only contributing factor to our prices, length of use is also factored in. If you would like to know an accurate quote, please get in touch once you’ve worked out the size of unit you require.

10 sqft

Starting with one of our smaller sized units, 10 sqft is similar to the size of a small car or changing cubical. This size is ideal for a couple of filing cabinets or a student needing storage whilst away from home.

25 sqft

25 sqft roughly equates to the area of a typical garden shed. A unit this size would be ideal for storing a few suitcases or some sporting goods like golf clubs. If you need to renovate your shed, it’s likely that a unit of this size will be able to hold its contents during the process.

50 sqft

At half the size of a garage, a unit with this capacity would be perfect for the contents of a bedroom whilst you’re decorating. Exercise equipment or the family bike collection would also fit comfortably.

100 sqft

If you’re moving to a new house or downsizing, a unit of this size would be a good option for you. 100 sqft is similar in size to a single garage. Therefore, it should be able to contain the items of a one-bedroom flat and is perfect for large items like sofas or a bed.

150 sqft

Our 150 sqft units come with a wide door which many businesses have said is a feature that convinces them to store excess or out of season stock in these units. 150 sqft units should be able to hold the contents of a three-bedroom house during a move and are perfect for garden furnitures like BBQs, chairs, and tables.

200 sqft

Equivalent to a 20ft container, these units could hold items from a four to five-bedroom house. They also come with a wide door for ease of access.

If you live in the North West of England, SureStore can help. We have various sites across the region, including Bolton, Cannock, and Burton-on-Trent, with more opening in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and elsewhere soon. Talk to one of our experts about how we can keep your possessions safe and secure by contacting us now.

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