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What is Managed Storage?

03 December 2017

Managed storage is a system whereby individuals rent units of space within a large warehouse to store possessions.

According to a recent article by the Daily Telegraph, Britain is now renting four times more storage then the French and nine times more than people in Germany. Have we become a nation of hoarders or is managed storage sweeping across the country because it adds value to our lives? Either way, it seems as though everyone is doing it and it’s spreading across the UK.

The five Ws of managed storage

Why? There are many reasons as to why people may want to use managed storage. It’s ideal for storing unused furniture when moving to a new house, office, making room for a new baby, going away for a long time, and keeping collectables safe.

Who? Anyone can use managed storage to store anything. Families moving to a new house who wish to store precious items, businesses looking to house their stock or archives and students in between renting accommodation. They have all used our facilities at varying degrees of time and size, and we’re happy to cater for all. 

What? We have various units that can cater to any need you may have. Our units are even temperature controlled, meaning we can look after any precious collectable items you may have – like a wine collection for instance. 

Where? We have multiple sites across the North West of England, all with a variety of differently sized units – you’ll find these in Bolton, Cannock, and Burton-On-Trent. Plus, we have sites in Wigan, Macclesfield, Southport, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester opening soon. 

When? Our aim is to make the managed storage experience as personal and accessible as possible. We pride ourselves that our units are open seven days a week, with no minimum or maximum stay, all under 24-hour CCTV surveillance.

SureStore take care of your storage needs.

We are the only managed storage facility with a complete online booking system. Alternatively, you can call 0800 0129 131 or email enquiries@surestore.co.uk. We have a free quote system and we can even offer insurance as an extra should you need it. Our rates get cheaper the longer you plan to store with us!

Reach out today and find out how you can benefit from our managed storage solution.



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