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8 Reasons for using our Cannock Self-Storage

Self-storage is incredibly popular, with more and more UK residents choosing to invest in some extra storage space. Whether you’re moving home, growing your business or de-cluttering, there are plenty of ways self-storage can benefit you. At SureStore Cannock, we offer our customers a range of secure and affordable self-storage solutions for both home and business use.

Take a look at these eight reasons for using our Cannock self-storage facility!

You Need Additional Home Storage Space

Our self-storage facility offers a range of affordable storage units ideal for storing furniture or household possessions you don’t have space for at home. When de-cluttering, it’s easy to come across items that may take up too much room in your home but that you’d also like to keep. Why not use our self-storage facility as a home from home? With units up to 200sqft, we’ve got plenty of space to comfortably store a spare sofa, bedroom furniture, tv and audio equipment, seasonal items and much more.

You Need Additional Business Storage Space

Our Cannock self-storage facility can also be used for business purposes and offers an ideal storage solution for local businesses and start-ups. With 24/7 CCTV surveillance and individual intruder alarms for each self-storage unit, you can be sure that your work equipment, materials and tools will be safe and secure at SureStore Cannock. For service providers such as solicitors and accountants, we also offer a unique archiving service for neatly storing important documents.

You Need to Store Stock & Excess Products

As well as storing tools and equipment, our Cannock self-storage facility can also be used by businesses to store stock or excess products. Whether you’re running out of space at your physical location and require some additional storage, or you run an e-commerce store and need a secure place to keep your stock, you’ll find the ideal business storage solution at SureStore. Customers also benefit from free WiFi across the facility, making it easier than ever to check up on your orders, emails and website from inside your storage unit.

You’re Moving Home to the Cannock Area

Moving to the Cannock area is another reason for using our Cannock self-storage facility. If you’re moving out of your current home earlier than you’re able to move into your new property, or you’re in temporary accommodation until all the paperwork has gone through, then SureStore can help! Why not use one of our affordable and secure self-storage units to store your furniture and possessions while you’re waiting for the keys? It’s also a great storage solution when downsizing!

You’re Renovating Your Property

As well as using SureStore Cannock during the process of moving, you could even extend your storage plan while you renovate or decorate. Whether you’re putting your stamp on your new home or adding value to your property, our self-storage units are ideal for storing your possessions. So you can avoid any damage to your furniture, splashes of paint, or awkward manoeuvring while works are being done.

You’re Moving Abroad

If you’re moving abroad, or even to another city or area, to study, work or travel then, you may be considering what to do with all of your belongings. Our flexible managed storage plans at SureStore Cannock means that you can store as much of your belongings with us for as long as you like while you get out there and seize the opportunity with a peace of mind that your possessions are safe, dry, clean and secure.

You’re Expecting a Baby

Expecting a baby is also a reason for using self-storage! If your family is growing, then it’s likely you need to make some additional space at home for your new arrival. With affordable self-storage as an option, there’s no need for you to sell all of your possessions! When transforming your spare bedroom into a nursery, why not keep your belongings at SureStore Cannock until you have space again.

You Need a Space to Indulge in Your Hobbies

As well as the more obvious home and business storage use, there’s also a wide range of alternative uses for our Cannock self-storage facility. From a private gym to a gaming station, or arts and crafts workshop, there’s plenty of scope and available space for you to indulge in your hobbies!

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