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SureStore and your Lichfield Business

Although Lichfield might not jump immediately to the forefront of your mind when you’re considering great locations from which to run a business – it definitely should! With Birmingham city centre roughly only half an hour away by both train and car, Lichfield is ideally situated to give your business access to both a massive residential commuter population, as well as the nearby opportunities a city the size of Birmingham naturally affords.

Here at SureStore, helping local businesses in Lichfield is important to us; in fact, providing access to essential auxiliary services and support is one of our businesses’ main missions. Whether you’re running a business in Lichfield, or are interested in launching your start-up in the area, there are plenty of ways SureStore can help to support your company’s growth.

So, if you’re interested in finding out about how SureStore can help your local Lichfield business thrive, read on:

Business Storage

Regardless of whether your business in Lichfield functions as an E-commerce store, a brick and mortar retailer, a local solicitor or even as Lichfield’s best restaurant, you’ve probably found yourself at one point or another wishing you had access to secure, affordable and easily-accessible business storage. However, with landlords in the UK charging increasingly astronomical rental prices, it can be difficult, whatever the size of your business, to even consider trying to expand your company’s premises.

Our mission at SureStore is to help small and medium-sized local enterprises in Lichfield gain access to both affordable workspaces and storage solutions - that’s why we provide access to secure, reasonably priced and easily accessible business storage. So, whether you need somewhere to store your out of season stock, archive a vital client’s files or store tools and equipment that are essential to your profession’s day-to-day, SureStore can help you out!

Moreover, our business self-storage service is incredibly flexible and designed to suit your needs and expectations. We offer access to a wide range of purpose-built business self-storage units, available in a whole host of sizes. We’ve even thrown together a handy size-guide to help you calculate the optimal sized storage unit for your requirements. With business self-storage units ranging from 10sqft to 200sqft+, you’re almost guaranteed to find the ideal sized unit for your business storage needs.

Drive-Up Storage

If you’re running a business in or around Lichfield, then time is probably a significant factor for you. Even if you’re in desperate need of affordable business storage, if it takes too long to access it regularly, then it’s not going to be worth your time or money. Thankfully the team at SureStore Lichfield realise that this is the situation for many small to medium-sized business owners in the Staffordshire area, and that’s why we’re proud to offer local Lichfield businesses access to affordable, secure and easily accessible drive-up storage.

Our drive-up storage units are fantastic storage solutions for Lichfield based businesses, primarily because they allow our customers to load the items destined for storage from their car, or van, directly into the easy-to-access drive-up storage unit. Running a business in Lichfield will likely require you to have 24/7 secure access to your storage unit, and SureStore’s drive-up storage in Lichfield provides just that. Furthermore, all of our storage units are monitored 24/7 by the latest in CCTV and security technology, meaning you can rest assured that whatever you store with SureStore is secure.

Domestic Storage

Nowadays, the division between home-life and work-life has become increasingly blurred. With flexible-working schemes becoming more and more common-place, coupled with the fact that many people are now launching their own businesses from home, you could easily argue that the division between domestic storage and business storage has become equally indistinct.

In fact, some business owners running their company from home may even decide that they’d instead use a room in their house from which to run their business, rather than store essential business items at an offsite location. Accordingly, those business-owners will need somewhere to store their displaced possessions, and SureStore’s domestic storage units are an ideal solution.

Facilities at SureStore Lichfield

-          State-of-the-art security system & CCTV

-          Professional staff on hand to offer advice

-          Specialist packaging and boxes

-          Commercial, domestic and drive-up storage available

-          A wide range of self-storage unit sizes available

To find out more about our affordable self-storage services, contact our SureStore Lichfield team on 0800 0129133 or visit us at 7 Eastern Ave, Lichfield WS13 6RT.




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