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Different Uses for a Northwich Storage Unit

At SureStore Northwich, our team of self-storage experts are always on hand to find the right self-storage solution for you. We offer a wide range of secure and affordable self-storage units with easy access and different home and business storage uses.

Our Northwich customers can find their ideal self-storage solution and choose from 10sqft to 200sqft storage units at our purpose-built self-storage facility. Discover some of the different uses for a Northwich storage unit and find out more about our innovative approach to self-storage!

Home Storage Units in Northwich

If you’re looking for an affordable and flexible self-storage solution, look no further than SureStore! Whether you’re moving to the area, de-cluttering your home or making some space for renovations, our home storage units in Northwich are perfect for storing your possessions and household items while keeping them dry, clean and secure.

As well as being used to store seasonal items, or as a temporary domestic self-storage solution,  our self-storage units at SureStore Northwich can be used for more alternative uses too. These could include storing and displaying your collection of sports memorabilia, or even as a reflective space to practice yoga!

The hi-tech intruder alarms and CCTV surveillance across our Northwich self-storage facility means all of our customers can have peace of mind.  Your stored possessions will be safe, secure and are only accessible by authorised personnel.

Business Storage Units in Northwich

As well as home self-storage solutions, the storage units at SureStore Northwich are available for different business uses. We provide industry-leading storage solutions for a wide range of local Northwich and North West based businesses, start-ups and e-commerce companies.

Choose a storage unit to suit your business needs, whether you need a secure unit to store your trade tools and materials, somewhere to keep excess products or a small workshop space. E-commerce businesses can benefit from storing stock in one of our affordable units, rather than letting it pile up at home, and keep on top of orders and inventory using our free Wi-Fi. We also offer a secure archiving service for important documents, and our team of self-storage experts are available for support and to accept your business deliveries!

For businesses looking for a more permanent home, we’re also proud to offer purpose-built office spaces and trade counters! Businesses who join the SureStore community benefit from access to a professional boardroom, communal facilities, free parking and will not be required to pay extra business rates or utility bill costs. 

Drive-Up Storage Units in Northwich

For maximum convenience and easy-access, our drive-up storage units at SureStore Northwich are available for both business and home storage uses. These innovative units are an ideal self-storage solution for customers who require regular access to their storage.

Our drive-up units are in a fantastic location in Northwich town centre, close to the motorway network, and operate similarly to a private garage allowing customers to drive their vehicle directly to the unit. This makes loading and unloading your possessions from your car or van to your unit a breeze.

As with all of our different storage units, drive-up customers also benefit from our flexible and affordable managed storage plans and state-of-the-art security.

Storage Units at SureStore Bolton

With units ranging in size from 10sqft to 200sqft, SureStore Northwich offers an ideal solution for all of your business and home self-storage needs.

To discover more different uses for our Northwich storage units and how you could benefit from our flexible managed storage plans, don’t hesitate to call SureStore Northwich today! Our friendly and experienced self-storage experts are available to discuss your options on 01606 302181 to find the right solution for your storage needs!

To book a Northwich storage unit online, click the ‘Get Quote’ button and use our industry-leading booking system, the first of its kind in the UK! You’ll also benefit from a further exclusive discount of 5%.

Or, feel free to pop in and take a tour or our fantastic self-storage facility at Unit 1&2 Chester Way Retail Park, Northwich, CW9 5JF. Our standard access hours are Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm, and Sunday 10 am to 2 pm.



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